Before Shipping Internationally make sure you Research Costs

It’s really Important before entering into an overseas trade of goods that you look into everything involved in shipping internationally. Costs you need to consider before shipping internationally can be, but not limited to :
  • What method will you need to use for the Cargo ?
  • Is it more cost effective to airfreight rather than have additional handling costs with LCL ?
  • How quickly do you need the cargo to get to the destination ?
  • Are there any Export regulations or criteria you need to meet ? For example do you need to clean the machinery, can you place personal effects inside a vehicle,  ?
  • How much extra would it cost for marine transit insurance and what coverage will that give you ?
  • What forms will you have to fill out and be required to have to change ownership ?
  • Where does your responsibility for charges relating to the Cargo start and Finish ?
  • Do you need a certificate of Origin if your product was made in Japan but your shipping it out of Australia to the Middle East ?
  • Can any Machinery be shipped to the USA or India?
  • Will I be charged VAT/GST or Import Tax on my personal Tools when I ship them back home ?
  • Can I use a boat trailer as my shipping cradle ?
  • What is the duty calculation if I am only temporarily touring a country in my motorhome ?
Your requirements are unique, and the solutions and requirements are wide and varied when shipping internationally. I won’t lie, shipping internationally can be fraught with danger.  But is doesn’t need to be.  That’s what we love to do, we have spent years acquiring the knowledge, we love to use it to your advantage. s  We love all our clients to end up in what we like to call ‘The Sweet Spot’.  This is where your informed every step of the way, you know whats happening, and yet you are able to get on with what you need to get done while the cargo is shipping internationally.
Truck transport container on the road to the port.

Ready To Get Started?

Great, Here’s How It Works
  • Get in touch. Use our enquiry form to contact us about shipping internationally.
  • Phone consultation. At this stage we’ll discuss your needs and options.
  • Recommendation and proposal. We send you a proposal and a fixed price quote for your approval.
  • Scheduling. We check cargo readiness, vessel availability and book space.
  • Origin preparation of Cargo. We collate the export documents and schedule the various processes to get your cargo to port.
  • Shipping begins! Our team of freight managers track the cargo while it’s shipping internationally.
  • Collation and editing. Documents are collated and checked for inaccuracies with a careful eye.
  • Draft approval. Ensuring all documents meet the destination port requirements we run this past our destination freight office.
  • Revisions. If needed, you may request two rounds of revisions within 2 days. We’ll happily make any required changes at no additional cost.
  • Payment. Your Freight and Disbursement Invoices are issued within 5 days of vessel sailing, you release the funds and we pay out the various service providers and shipping line we have worked with along the way.
  • Complete! Shipping Documents and cargo are released on time and cargo delivered to the client.

What are you waiting for, You know we are here ready to help,   Give us a Call,   It’s truly no bother !!
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