Kenter Logistics Shipping Container Transport

Shipping Container Transport

If there’s one thing that our 45 years experience in the field of shipping container transport, it has taught us, it’s that getting goods to market should be the easiest part of your day. Kenter Logistics aim is to be your preferred international shipping container partner. There are few in this industry more professional than Kenter Logistics. Our container shipping services operates both nationally and internationally and our track record speaks for itself.

National Container Transport – Coastal Seafreight

For those of you wishing to ship your container from coast to coast, we offer a base to base solution that takes the bother out of getting your products exactly where they need to be at the given time.  We’re very familiar with the unique challenges that Australia can present to goods transit, and ours is a service that is both well thought through, and well executed. Coastal Shipping can often be a more viable option

International Container Transport

If you need to send your products overseas then you need look no further for that all in one solution you’ve been searching for; your export shipping container needs can be met by us, whatever they might be. You’ll get all the care and attention offered to our national container transit customers, including disassemble, inventory management and the extra TLC Kenter Logistics provides plus a few additional benefits along the way. Kenter Logistics is a truly global freight company and we have warehouses in key strategic locations all around the world, so the process of unpacking and packing shipping containers is seamless. We take international borders very seriously ensuring that where necessary, all shipping containers will be given a steam clean and wash, thus minimising the chances of cross contamination by invasive species. It’s this extra attention to detail that we provide that allows us to boast of our 100% No Re-Export record, which is true not just of container shipping but of our international oceanfreight across the board.

Kenter Logistics Container Shipping

So whether you’re sending your container cross country or abroad, we can grant you the peace of mind that you only get by hiring the best in the business. We’ll secure your goods in the shipping container itself using our own industry know-how, and each sea container will come with its own packing list and image catalogue that will be double checked at both ends of the journey. Of course, the whole process from start to finish your goods can have marine transit insurance, so when unavoidable mishaps do occur, with Kenter Logistics you know that you’re fully insured for marine transit for international shipping. So if you’re interested in learning more about any of our seafreight container services then feel free to get in touch with a member of our team; they’ll be happy to talk to you about your international shipping needs and offer advice and recommendations on how best to proceed with your container transport. Let our experience and expertise offer you the reassurance that you need so that once your goods are in our hands, you can turn your attention to more pressing matters, assured that by the time you’ve sat back down, they’ll be well on their way.