Roll on Roll Off Shipping (RoRo)

RoRo Shipping or Roll on Roll Off Shipping is a very Cost effective way to export heavy machinery from Australia.  It is also a quick and fast way to load and discharge a large number of cars for international shipping.


There are many Routes and Shipping Lines or Vessel Operators that offer regular shipping routes.  Sometimes the Roro Carriers have tight schedules to meet which can ensure Vessel integrity.  On some occasions the Vessel Carrier can become overbooked and during a transship routing your cargo can be offloaded on a wait list, that will cause a delay in a transshipment port while waiting to connect with the next vessel.  This is not such an issue on smaller cargo such as Cars, Motor homes or Boats unless summers coming, however it can be a major issue for High and Heavy cargo on board the RoRo ship.

Roll on Roll off Shipping on Car Carriers

International Shipping Roro for a Special Enthusiast Car or a Classic vehicle for import, if you have purchased overseas it is a very good idea to have the safe and secure method of shipping a car via RoRo.  The car is driven on and off the Vessel so it must be in good working order.  The vehicle must be clean inside and out, including in the Boot, have no oil leaks, a good starter motor, often it is a good idea to purchase a new battery before the vehicle ships to ensure it always starts easily.  This is another measure to lessen the chance of the car being left behind and needing a mechanic in a foreign country have to take a look.
Preparing a Vehicle for export means ensuring there are no personal effects inside the vehicle.  One of the main reasons is to ensure swift import customs clearance at destination port, much easier to do with a vehicle than it is to do on a car with personal effects inside.  If you are returning home from Australia with your vehicle from an overseas adventure you are wiser to Pack your boxes of personal effects and ship them on their own in a shipping container via LCL seafreight.
Roll on roll off Shipping Companies in Australia will also advise you to ensure the same of your high and heavy cargo for international Roll on roll off Shipping.  You must ensure any machinery is free of all quarantine risk material.  This is to ensure easy entry to the Destination port, but additionally to ensure quarantine cross contamination doesn’t happen during its ocean transit. To find out more about Roll on Roll off shipping, drop us a line with your questions Contact us