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Are You Preparing To Import A Boat Into Australia?

Posted on June 10th, 2013

Marine imports require a great deal of attention in making sure all levels of quarantine security, customs and transport laws are adhered to.

It’s crucial that you check your boat over with a fine-toothed comb for evidence of any kind that it may not be importable in Australia.

What should I be aware of?

In the business of boat imports, a label we sometimes hear is ‘grey imports’. An import that is sold through unauthorised channels is considered a grey import. So how do you spot them?

Grey Imports are often:

  • Too good to be true on price
  • Short on essential documents
  • Sold with urgency
  • Undetectably damaged

So how can you avoid getting into a sticky deal?

Compliance is Key.

Penalties apply and are hefty for those who fail to comply to the very strict laws in Australia that determine what is able to be imported and what is not. It makes sense to be up to scratch on all your import compliance details.

Insurance companies don’t provide cover for a claim, of course, if the goods are considered to fall under a grey import category.

So How Can I Identify A Grey Import?

There are some questions you can ask to give you a general idea of whether importing your boat is worth the trouble. One of the most important boxes to tick is to ensure your boat holds up to Australian Safety standards. You need to check for safety compliance with Electrical equipment, floatation standards, build and safety standards.

Trailers must be compliant too.

If you’re freighting your boat by trailer and shipping these products together, you need to make sure your trailer can be used on Australian roads. Australia has some of the strictest and most policed road systems in the world, so a trailer that complies with all road standards must be supplied for on road transport of your boat.

Importers take on a great deal of responsibility during shipment. In fact, you continue to be responsible for that product being shipped and for all compliance issues surrounding that object to be shipped for the entire duration of shipment. In the event of an unfortunate circumstance that could well have been avoided with compliance, you are responsible.

If you intend to proceed with importing your boat after checking the very basic list of compliancy fits the product, please call Kenter to speak with one of our consultants regarding the other checks you need to make before purchasing or making further arrangements.

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