Agricultural Machinery Shipping

Each year, we ship hundreds of agricultural items – farm machinery, agricultural trucks and trailers, Fully Built up and Containerised.

If you are looking to buy agricultural machinery from overseas, but are worried about how to get it home, contact Kenter Logistics for all your shipping requirements and international freight rates. There are numerous machinery auction sites worldwide, and if you are new to Online Auctions overseas, ask us how they work and we can guide you.

We ship for clients worldwide from –

Kenter Logistics have a network of people experienced and knowledgeable in agricultural equipment, so if you need pre-purchase inspection and independent condition report before you buy, we can send someone to inspect the machinery for you. Kenter Logistics have shipped a range of agricultural equipment, including tractors, cotton pickers and grain handling equipment, scrapers… .. Depending on the type of machine, Kenter Logistics can guide you and suggest the most cost efficient method of shipping. Leave the unit fully built up, or consider partial dismantle to pack into a container.

When importing into Australia it is vital to consider the Quarantine entry requirements of used machinery, and again Kenter Logistics has extensive experience to guide you on expected cleanliness standards.